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Phanteks U-Type Dual Tower Heat-Sink CPU Cooler PH-TC12DX, White

PH-TC12DX, a U-Type dual tower heat-sink with four 6mm heat-pipes allows for optimal airflow and cooling. Its 6mm heat-pipes are linearly aligned and developed to have the least amount of air and thermal resistance.
PATS will increase the cooling performance and reliability while deflecting other thermal radiation from other heat source.
Patented. C.P.S.C (Cold Plasma Spraying Coating Technology) is a brand new technologic forming deposit that displaces heat onto corresponding metals at a quicker rate.
C.P.S.C (Cold Plasma Spraying Coating Tech)is a brand new tech forming deposit that displace heat onto corresponding metal at a quicker rate.
Phanteks PH-F120HP PWM Premium fans uses UFB (Updraft Floating Balance) bearing, 9 blades and MAFO (Maelstrom Air-Fort Optimization) drive system to achieve massive airflow and perfect dynamic balance.
Phanteks PH-NDC is made of high purity Nano diamond-like particles to improve the thermal conductance between components. It is a superb quality thermal compound for heat sinks.
PATS ran at a long period, will display better results in a closed than an open environment. It is able to withstand temp up to 200 degrees CPHANTEKS PH-TC12DX, U-type for Intel LGA 2011,1155,1156,1366, 775, and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3+/FM 1/2, 4xψ6mm Dual Heat-pipes with patented P.A.T.S and C.P.S.C Technologies, Dual 120mm premium PWM Fans _ Retail


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